Can Men Get A Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infection and men suffering from it are very misunderstood as this is a much ignored disease. Many men will spend their life without even knowing that they have Candida, because it is very difficult to notice on men. In this short article you will get the answer to your question that all men are asking: Can men get a yeast infection?

Men that drink beer have been known to present skin yeast on their sexual organ. They are unaware they got a yeast infection because the temperature of the skin is around 77 degrees, maintaining the infection dormant. However, the vaginal canal is an ideal place for the infection to grow and trigger the infection. Prior to notice any symptoms by the female, she could now give it right back to her partner.

Most causes of men yeast are similar to many other sexual transmitted diseases. Usually the good bacteria are unbalanced in your digestive system, permitting the yeast fungi to overgrow and spread to other areas of the body. For boys, the most common causes of yeast infection are antibiotics, beer, alcohol, sex, peanuts, wheat products and a low immune system. These familiar foods are contaminated with molds. We are all eating them with the idea that they are completely safe, but many of them are infected with fungus and molds.

Take for example penicillin, revealed in 1928, that was experimented with mold from wheat products. What was noticed is that the mold was completely clean out of bacteria. The fungus destroyed the bacteria as it does in the digestive system as soon as some pathogen agents are coming inside.

Candida could also be passed by direct contact, so it can be considered a sexually transmitted disease. If an infected woman had unprotected sex with her partner she can infect him. If your lover or you have an infection you should take extreme measures to follow a safer sex until both of you are treated and infected free. During treatment, avoid unprotected vaginal intercourse, but if you still want to have a normal sex life you can use condoms every time.

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Men with diabetes are more vulnerable to yeast infections, just because the high sugar level in the urine makes it the perfect environment for the yeast to overgrow. If you have symptoms of diabetes and have frequent yeast infections, you should go and see your doctor. You should also notice that condoms with nonoxynol-9 supplementary lubricated could cause anal yeast infections. If you notice a problem, try and use a condom that doesn’t contain spermicidal lubricant.

So the main question is how do you get a yeast infection in men? Men catch yeast infections for the similar reasons that women do, even though the likelihoods are different. Penile yeast infection is one of the worst infections a man can catch due to the painful character of the disease. The biological origin is the overgrowth of the fungus also known as Candida. However there are many external ways you can do to control this overgrowth.

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