Oral Yeast Infection In Men

Oral yeast infection in men occurs far more often than you may think, and many men suffer without getting suitable treatment. Oral thrush as it is typically referred to is an infection that affects the mucous membrane within the mouth. The infection will often spread into the throat, and can be incredibly painful.

Male Yeast Infection

The yeast, which is present throughout your body can begin to grow rapidly, which is often the cause of this form of yeast infection. When you are experiencing an imbalance of good and bad bacteria within your body, you are likely to suffer some form of yeast infection. Candida will grow rapidly and begin to cause noticeable problems.

There are several different reasons why the oral yeast infection men suffer with becomes a problem and you need to establish why you are suffering from increased yeast production. Poor diet and lifestyle can make your immune system far weaker, which will make your body less capable of dealing with illness and infection. Suffering from diabetes is another factor that can affect the amount of yeast which is produced in your body.

Using antibiotics for a considerable length of time has also been shown to affect your yeast levels and kill the good bacteria within your body. If you use steroids for medical purposes such as contained within inhalers, this can also cause oral yeast infections in men. Another factor that people often do not consider is the damage which is done to your mouth and membrane from wearing dentures.

The slightest issue will cause the yeast to rapidly grow, and cause problems. The symptoms which you will experience are very obvious, and can be seen very clearly in your mouth. You are likely to have white, yellow or cream raised spots on your tongue, and roof of your mouth. If you wear dentures these spots can also be present on your lips, and can become uncomfortable.

If you allow the yeast infection to spread to your throat, you may find it difficult to swallow and be painful to eat and drink. There are other conditions that may cause similar symptoms; therefore, you need to ensure that you have your problem diagnosed by a health professional. Treatment is straightforward, however, the longer you leave it, and you may struggle to clear up the problem entirely.

Anti fungal drugs are typically used, and these will be in the form of pastilles which can be sucked. However, if you have lest the yeast infection to spread and get severe, you may find that you will need injections and stronger drugs to help the problem. Unfortunately, yeast infections can become resilient to antibiotics and may return in the future. There are natural drug free treatments that you may want to try. Many people have used these successfully, and have been able to prevent any future outbreaks of the yeast infection.

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