Penile Yeast Infection In Men

Men are in general luckier to have their reproductive organs outside the body, because statistically they are far less susceptible to any kind of infections. There is true that a man can contract more hard the disease, but still he can receive penile yeast infection in men. Even that the infection in the mouth is more frequent in people with HIV, the penile one can start from many different reasons.

Male Yeast Infection

It is very important for couples to know all the causes and symptoms of yeast infections, because Candida can be passed back and forth, again and again, if somebody in the couple is infected.

Men’s yeast infection can be tricky because an infected man can sometimes present no signs or symptoms at all on the body. This is very similar to many sexually transmitted diseases, which some women have, without knowing anything. In this situation, the infection with Candida will be passed on to the sexual partner and she will start to show some symptoms. That’s why a man who is sexual active with a woman who is infected must take the treatment as well.

When somebody shows the symptoms of the disease, at the genital area there was already a lot of pain. The pain include consistent itching, small raised and blisters tenderness on the skin or lesions that are similar to those made by herpes and is located on the penis head. On the genitals you can find also irritations, red patches and sometime white discharges.

Don’t be surprised if your doctor will ask you to do some tests if you have one or more of these problems. The easiest way that a man can take Candida is from a single or multiple sexual contacts with a woman, who is already infected with yeast. Many people believe that they are not susceptible to get this infection, while others are completely unaware that the partner has Candida.

The penile yeast infection for men is also a consequence of some systemic diseases, including the diabetes or after a long term period of antibiotic use for other infections. Less common is when a man develops yeast because is infected with HIV.

Couples must always speak about their sexual health and behaviors. If a female is susceptible to Candida infection, she must be honest and open with her partner about how she has a sexual life with another person. A man must ask the new partner if she is prone to Candida albicans. Even this conversation can be embarrassing at the beginning, in the end will be useful and better, than starting to feel pain from the infection.

As soon as men suspect they may have a problem he must protect him and the partner health and seek medical treatment.

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On the market there are many natural remedies that are reported to function in some cases. But because the pain is so intense, the patients are scared and they seek immediately the help of a doctor. It is however better to ask for prescription medication instead of using home remedies.

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