Yeast Infection On Men

What is yeast infection in men? A lot of people think that just women can get a yeast infection in the genital area. It is true that women are more likely to develop yeast infections, but this does not mean men cannot be victims as well. Both men and women have the presence of Candida in their gut.

Male Yeast Infection

Many factors can cause infection in the genital region, recognized as a penile yeast infection. For example, many skin infections and foot rashes are all linked to Candida and are a form of yeast infections. As a result, yeast infections in the genital area are an infection caused by the overgrowth of Candida and additional contributing factors.

The easiest way to spread Candida is by sexual transmission, during unprotected sex with your lover that has a vaginal yeast infection. Another cause of Candida is when you take too many antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy both the good and the bad bacteria, producing an imbalance which can create Candida overgrowth and infection. It is not that common to get a yeast infection because of too many antibiotics, but it is possible. Men diagnosed with diabetes are at a high risk of getting yeast infections because of the sugar levels in their urine.

The penile yeast infection on men has some symptoms, including irritation and soreness at the top of the penis. The head of the penis can develop small blisters and white thick discharge. If the infection is left untreated, small red bumps could appear on the penis shaft.

If someone has the above symptoms, he should visit his doctor right away to receive the right diagnosis. If a male sufferer from yeast infection and he don’t have a diagnosis on time, he can pass it to his partner. In case you already did pass it to your partner, both partners should treat the infection as soon as possible. Even if a man thinks he have the symptoms of a yeast infection, he can actually have something else, like genital herpes.

Discovering the right cure for your yeast infection for men can take time, mainly because there are many drugs out there that only treat the symptoms and not the source of the disease. The result of using the wrong treatment is the reappearance of the yeast infection and even another infection. If your partner is also suffering from a yeast infection, the same ideas will apply to her in order to cure the infection permanently. So you will not have to worry catch it from her again. Another very useful choice is to use a conventional treatment and get prescription drugs or treat it with a natural treatment.

The natural treatment will treat the yeast infection and keep it that way. It works by getting to the origin of the problem, in balancing your body organisms that lets the Candida to overgrow. The treatment works by balancing your body’s organisms back to the right status and will keep the Candida from overgrowing and cause the infection again.

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